The company was founded in 2000. POOL4TOOL AG has specialized in the integration of client and supplier processes based on a SaaS. SaaS is a business that provides computer-based services to customers over a network. The company is the leading sourcing suite in the SAP environment for easy, fast, cost-effective and universal integration and optimization of client and supplier processes. It covers all areas of purchasing.

POOL4TOOL quadrupled since 2008 in sales, carried out a massive investment program and went public in 2011. The management team acts as co – owners under the strong leadership of Thomas Dieringer. POOL4TOOL has its world headquarters in Vienna and branches in Europe, America and Asia serving international clients such as Alcan, B.Braun, Behr, Carl Zeiss, Gardena, Hansgrohe, Kärcher, Loewe, Rheinmetall, ThyssenKrupp and VISA.

POOl4TOOL merged with JAGGAER in May 2017 and all shares were sold in this transaction. 


The player works in the IoT platform space and runs strongly on a low code approach. We have invested in iTiZZiMO AG. The company doubled sales since investment in 2013. The turn from a service driven to a product company is still under way with a highly skilled management team.

We see an encouraging opportunity to develop a global market leader. Based on the growing market volume by 45% for the next 4 years we see consistent trend of consolidation in this market.



AboutSALES was founded in 2016 by Thomas Wieler, a long-time Cisco and Microsoft sales manager. AboutSALES reduces the hiring cost for personnel in sales and marketing departments by up to 50% with an innovative service offering.

The company is focused on fast-growing and large sales organizations with a need to hire more than five qualified sales experts per year. 

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GerroMed s one of the leading providers for anti decubitus pressure systems in Germany and Austria. The mattress systems are ideal for patients who are suffering from bed sores or ulcers caused from lying on the bed for extended hours. GerroMed services all levels of the of decubitus prophylaxis. The offering includes the service, cleaning and 24/7 logistics for all hospitals.

Experiences from 3 decades of improvement enables the company to service the digital, sensor-controlled membrane pumps, mattress and haevy weight hospital beds.